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My Birth My Doula - October 2016

I am a registered Doula with a background in nursing.   I can personally support you as a couple through your birth experience, with preparation, continuous support through the birth and beyond into parenthood. Medical research continues to recommend Doula support, helping to make your birth the best it can be.

I am passionate about what I do. From the mid 90's I worked in London as a nurse. In 2005 I moved to Durban  and began to use my nursing experience to work as a Doula from 2010 after the birth of my second child.

I see such a need for support for couples going through their birth experience as the majority are birthing in hospitals with a Dr delivering the baby, so continuity of care is sometimes not usually available.  To maximize the likelihood of a natural delivery, a doula is an amazing tool for couples to use. Below are some of the statistics that support use of a Doula;

Greater than 50% reduction in need for a caesarian birth


60% less likely to want an epidural


30% reduction in need for pain medication


25% reduction in the length of labour


It is not just about the birth either, I see the time and energy I invest in my clients as being an investment in their future, and the future of our community. A couple who enter into parenthood supported and satisfied with this life changing experience, rather than traumatized and dissatisfied, will take on parenthood with confidence and pride. A difficult birth experience can be devastating for a couple and ultimately the family. The first birth can dictate how future births unfold, and the effect on our children of this future generation cannot be underestimated.

There are many aspects of life that are affected by this one chapter, it is the greatest thing for a father to see his partner conquer her biggest fear with the support she receives, and achieve something as great as bringing new life into the world.

My philosophy is:

A woman and her baby should be able to experience a gentle birth, surrounded only by love. The Mother should be allowed to choose those who are present in order that the birthing experience be kept safe for her to do as her body tells her to.

Intervention should be only as needed and never routine

I provide research based information for parents to help them to make informed decisions that will affect the path of theirs and their children's lives

My fees are detailed on my website; www.mybirth.co.za  

I offer a package that includes some preparation, help with writing a birth plan, continuous support through labour and birth and help immediately after birth with latching baby to breastfeed. I will also visit you at home after your discharge from hospital following the birth.

I am a registered Doula with WOMBS (www.wombs.co.za)