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 "Thank you to the Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatments with Dr Bruce Thomson for all the compliments I have received on my appearance. I also highly value the relief I have experienced through these treatments for my stress levels, as well as facial and jaw tension, IBS and sinuses… And of course the massages have been highly beneficial" MH

Experience a new vitality and glow with facial acupuncture treatments. This non-invasive, gentle treatment involves the placement of tiny, hair-thin needles on the face that effectively stimulate collagen production and promote elasticity. You can reduce wrinkles and experience a fresh, vital look in as soon as one treatment.

The Treatment includes facial massage and Laser Therapy to promote the essential trio - Circulation, Relaxation and Rehydration.

Because beauty is a reflection of health, facial rejuvenation acupuncture is more than a facial. It is also a full-body treatment - Included in each treatment are individualized body points for whole body wellness, your own particular complaints, and nutritional guidance and supplement recommendations to improve healing and vitality from the inside out.


Dr Bruce Thomson




First consult/treatment: R800

Course of 6 treatments thereafter: R3210 (R535 per 1hr treatment)

Medical aids should cover a fair proportion of the treatment cost, depending on your profile.



Expect 2 courses to achieve goals.

Patients are to arrive without make-up.

Patients are requested not to eat for 2 hours prior to appointment but be well hydrated.

They will receive:

  • a brief cleanse
  • a facial massage
  • the facial acupuncture, as well as required general points (for relaxation and any other condition I am treating them for)
  • laser/light therapy
  • head and neck massage
  • general assessment of progress at each treatment and advice re diet/medications/behaviour modification