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Karen Bishop

Registered Dietician

Karen Bishop is a Registered Dietician (University of Stellenbosch) and an AFMCP graduate (through the institute of Functional Medicine).  She is passionate about helping people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Karen has published a series of children’s nutritional story books which have been approved by ADSA (the Association for Dietetics in SA). Her books are great for educating kids about healthy eating and are available for sale on her website http://www.karenbishop.co.za/for-sale/

Services Offered

  1. One-on-one consultations and  individualised eating plans to help with  weight loss/gain, sports performance or any nutrition related disease e.g diabetes, heart disease, IBS, Food allergies, PCOS, Insulin resistance etc
  2. Discovery Vitality Assessments
  3. Corporate Talks and Wellness days
  4. Talks to parents at primary schools wrt healthy eating in kids